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h1Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We at Begley & Webster make every effort to provide our clients who are in and around the West Springfield, Massachusetts area with skilled and unsurpassed legal representation. As a community-based law firm, we are prepared to work with clients regarding their real estate (commercial and residential), Social Security Disability, family law, estate planning and personal injury issues.



With a combination of 30 years of legal experience, attorneys Michelle Begley and Christine Webster are truly devoted to giving their clients the tailored legal service that they should have. Begley & Webster has built a reputation for having unwavering dedication to their clients, and that reputation has led to the continuous growth and success of the firm.

The attorneys at Begley & Webster work in harmony together to achieve the goals of our clients. We understand and appreciate that not all cases are equal. Some are more of a challenge than others; however, Begley & Webster are up to the challenge. We believe in treating our clients with the respect and care that they deserve, all while handling their cases in a professional and thorough manner. We are prepared to see your case through to the end, and we will work tirelessly to obtain the outcome that you so desire.


Legal Know-How

As you continue to peruse our website, you will find that we offer a variety of services that cover real estate law (commercial/residential, leasing matters, foreclosures, etc.), Social Security Disability issues (to include appeals), family law (which can cover topics such as divorce, property division, child custody/visitation, etc.), estate planning, and personal injury claims. No matter what your legal issue, Begley & Webster Attorneys at Law are prepared to handle it.


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