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The end of a marriage can be a frustrating, stressful and lengthy process, with a number of unforeseen issues that can arise. Hiring the expert legal services of Begley Webster, LLC is the first step toward understanding the process and getting a fresh start. Our firm handles all detailed aspects of divorce, including:

  • Complex and Contested Divorces: Complex divorces are those in which couples may not agree on one or more issues. Uncontested divorces can become contested if the parties disagree on even a small number of items. Complex divorces can include high-asset couples and business owners.
  • Uncontested Divorce: Even in the case of an uncontested divorce, it is wise to seek the counsel of a Springfield divorce attorney to advise you. Legal representation will ensure that you and your spouse have considered every option and that your rights are protected.
  • Separation: The state of Massachusetts does not have legal separation. However, if you or your spouse is contemplating divorce, there are steps you can take to prepare for that decision in addition to consulting with a lawyer.
  • Property and asset valuation and division: Our firm works closely with financial experts who help value assets, advise on tax implications and divide marital debt.
  • Temporary orders: Many clients worry about their financial and living situation while their divorce is pending. It is possible to secure temporary orders to determine living arrangements, spending habits and custody arrangements for the interim until your divorce is finalized.

We Have The Answers

Attorney Michelle Begley specializes in family law and has handled numerous divorce cases. We know that you have questions. Whether you want to know how your assets will be divided or if you can take certain actions during your divorce proceedings, we can get the answers you need. Call our West Springfield divorce office at 413-733-1400  or contact us online.